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Broadcast Message Service

What it does

It will reach out with your important message and notify up to thousands of people in minutes via telephone calls, email, and/or cellular SMS Text messaging.

Since this is a web hosted application there is never any equipment, software, or phone lines to buy, and the easy to use wizard guides you through the set up of blasting out your message. Simply upload a spreadsheet with your list of contacts (you can have multiple lists), then record your message, and click the NOW! button to send your message immediately, or schedule when you want it sent.

The VOICE message can be generated three different ways.

  1. Type in your message and our text-to-speech engine will convert the text into voice.
  2. Record via the a telephone a personalized message in your voice.
  3. Use our professional voices to studio record your customized messages. Go to the Professional Voice Recordings Store to select voices and get prices for optional voice recordings.

Fill in the text for your EMAIL and SMS TEXT messages if you will be sending these types of notifications.

If an answering machine is detected it will leave a message, and will try up to 3 times if "busy" or "no answer" conditions are detected.

Real time reports on the web site will tell you how many attempts and when they were made, plus the status of each notification sent. Reports will also show on a per notification basis if a message was left on a machine, or if a live person answered, including how many seconds they listened to the message.

Download Broadcast Messaging Brochure .pdf


Ask us for a free test of Broadcast Message Service for your group!

studentWho uses Broadcast Messaging?

Businesses, religious organizations, schools, universities, students, parents, team sports, volunteer groups, fund raisers, social clubs, hospitals/healthcare, and political organizations all can benefit from Broadcast Messaging. Business organizations use Broadcast Messaging as part of disaster recovery plans or to get pertinent information out quickly, such as a last minute event change, sudden emergency, marketing message to clients, or work related notices.

CallNotice Broadcast Messaging can also alert members of upcoming events assuring improved attendance, and advise of last minute changes or cancellations.

Schools use Broadcast Messaging to quickly contact faculty, parents, and students.  Additionally, it can keep families informed of school events, try-outs, absences, and deadlines.

studentsUniversities can quickly send out urgent security alerts contacting all students and faculty if needed.  Broadcast Messaging is also used to keep the numerous groups, clubs, activities volunteers and organizations on campus current on events.

Government entities, including cities and towns, use the Broadcast Messaging Service to alert the population of extreme impending weather, closures, events, or utility outages.


How it works

You setup and manage your Broadcast Messages through the CallNotice web site by filling in contact information in the boxes, or for larger groups simply upload from a spreadsheet the names and contact information, into unique "lists". You can have multiple lists allowing you direct broadcasts to specific groups.

You can type in your message as text and have it converted into speech, you may record your own message, or have one of our professionals record your personal message in the studio.  Notifications can be sent as voice telephone calls, emails, and SMS Text messages.

There several plans to choose from. There is a standard plan where charges are billed monthly based on the number of calls made that month, prepaid blocks of notifications, and an Unlimited Plan. Call us for details and a free trial!

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