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Pricing For Appointment Reminder Service


Pricing for the Appointment Reminder Service hosted service from CallNotice is a monthly fee based on the average number of appointments per month.  You can use the ROI Calculator to help you determine your average. Then contact us to arrange start of your free trial and which plan and Options will be the most cost effective for you.

Monthly fee includes the following:

    • Application setup for specific office (included with free 30 day trial offer)
    • No equipment to buy, telephone bills, or maintenance charges
    • Customer-recorded personal greeting
    • One-Bill combined itemized billing for multiple doctors/clinics/departments.
    • All telephone charges included
    • Automated retries for busy/no answer (3x)
    • Costs are per appointment, not per call!
    • Reports for unsuccessful appointment reminders emailed to your staff daily
    • Access to real-time reports in your secure account on the web indicating notification status
    • Service cancellation at any time with 30 days notice
    • An appointment notification includes a telephone call, email, and cellular text message

Contact Us or give us a call and we will get started!

We offer several pricing plans (see below) for Broadcast Messaging Service and other web based Solutions messaging services. In the case of each of these services:

  • one notification = contacting a person via a telephone call, email, and cellular text message.

A low cost way to use these services is buy a block of notifications and you have a year to use them. If you run out before a year is up you can purchase another block to assure that you have enough.

If you are not sure how often you will use it, you may want to consider our monthly plan. With this plan you have one very low monthly fee,and if you start sending notifications during the month you are billed for usage.

We have a plan for schools that is based on the number of students attending that offers unlimited notifications for the entire school year.

We encourage you to either call us at 800 706-8000 or Contact Us so we can come up with the plan that best meets your needs and budget!

"We get the Message Out!"

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